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Family wants justice as rape victim fights for life



The family of a lady called Favour, who is currently fighting for her life at the National Orthopedic Hospital in Lagos State, is demanding justice for the raped victim.

According to reports, Favour was allegedly raped until she was made unconscious by Godday Robinson, 28, and she was dropped in a deep pit in the Agbara area of ​​Ogun State.

She was coming back from work on April 23, 2020 when the rape incident took place.

It was understood that Godday allegedly forced the victim to sleep with him because she rejected him when he asked her out.

It was reported that during the incident, Godday hit and slammed favour on the edges of the canal channel and at the end pushed her inside the canal.

According to Mary Bassey, Favour’s aunt, she said when she saw her, she could neither speak nor sit as she had broken her spinal chord.

Mrs Bassey who made the disclosure gave a personal plea to the police prosecute Mr. Godday for the crime he has committed.

It was understood that the Ogun State government has paid for Favour’s medical bill.

Mrs Bassey explained that Favour was leaving with the suspect sister before, because they work in the same factory at OPIC estate in Agbara.

The suspect came to visit his sister when he met Favour and ever since he has been visiting frequently and even later moved in with his sister until the day she was raped and it happened when her sister wasn’t around.

She said during the incident, it was Favour’s neighbours that saved her and Godday was taken to the police station, where he wrote an undertaken that he is not going to bother her again, but Favour had to move out of her friends house to live with her.

On the day when the incident took place, Favour was expected to come back home after her night duty at work, but Mrs Favour said that they did not see her, so they decided to call her colleagues at work to confirm if she still there, but they said they all left the factory together.

Mrs Bassey said they started looking for her but they couldn’t find her, until the next morning when they received a call that they saw a girl laying in the gutter saying that she was raped.

She said when she heard the news, she went there to check if it was Favour and when she discovered it was her, she could not believe it she was still alive. However, people told her that she should inform the police before taking her to the hospital.

She explained that when the police came to the scene of the crime, she was able to explain what happened and who abused her before she was rushed to the hospital.

She said if the police had not followed them the hospital wouldn’t have attended to them, because her nails had peeled off and she was bleeding all over her face.

The victim said Godday to her that he would kill and that it is the odour of her dead corpse that will make people know that she was dead.

The victim’s aunt said they moved her from one hospital to another until they were finally referred to Igbobi.

She cannot sit or speak as the injury she sustained affected her spinal cord. Her aunty said they are feeding her through her nose as she cannot eat with her mouth. She insisted that the perpetrator be prosecuted as he has put Favour’s life in danger.

Abimbola Oyeyemi, who is a police Public Relations Officer, said the suspect will be charged on Monday as the command has finished its investigation.

The PRO also added that Mr. Godday will be charged with attempted murder and rape.
He said the suspect will be prosecuted and will not be allowed to freed so as to not commit more atrocities.

He said that the command had concluded its investigation and will be charged to court on Monday.

Amaka Odinakachi, a born writer. She started writing at 12, when she won the best writer in High School. Since then she stated to chase her dreams.

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