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Kaduna House of Representatives fight for the Mace after Impeaching Deputy Speaker



Shortly after playing the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives and taking the oath of office, some Kaduna State legislators held a referendum. reported earlier that Mukhtar Isa Hazo, the former deputy speaker of the Kaduna State House, was dropled after his colleagues cast a vote of no confidence in him.

However, before he left the building, he was caught by Sergeant Arm, while the other members quickly rushed up to retrieve the mace from his hand. Before Dashiru was dragged out, this led to a noisy meeting at the conference.

The National Daily reported that a member of parliament who later tried to seize the maze was torn a piece of cloth outside the parliament chamber and saw him angry at playing H Hazo.

Hong Han then fought afterwards. Representative Liman Dahiru, who represents the Makra constituency, broke into the parliament and grabbed the mace.

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