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Lockdown increased the number of cases of RAPE – Minister of Women’s Affairs, Pauline Tallen



Pauline Tallen, minister for women's affairs in Nigeria

Pauline Tallen, minister for women’s affairs in Nigeria, attributed the sharp rise in the number of rape cases. Tallen told state correspondents on Wednesday, June 10 following a meeting of the Federal Executive Council during which she raised a rape pandemic in the country. She revealed that an action plan covering the judiciary and media was developed to counter the threat of rape. “There was a protest against the rape epidemic because of the blockade. I know that we have always had rape in this country, but because of people being shut up because of COVID-19, women and children are closed because of their torturers. The number has tripled compared to what we saw. There is no state except. The number has reached an alarming level.


“We call for legal intervention. Our detailed information shows that there are hundreds of cases in our courts that have not been reviewed, and for each case, make sure there are 10 cases that have not been filed. For this reason, we call for media campaigns and aggressive public enlightenment. We want people to stand up and speak out against child abuse and rape. We also call for judicial intervention to immediately bring justice and the police to ensure that rape cases are not taken seriously or are not reported after reporting. These were the issues presented to the Council and I am pleased to announce that we have received the full support of the President and all members of the Council, that the government will take decisive action at the highest level to protect women and children in this country, “she said.

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