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Nigeria conducts 2000 testing daily, States not supplying enough samples – NCDC



Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu, Director General of the Nigerian Centers for Disease Control, lamented that the states did not submit enough samples for testing.

He said that Nigeria carryout 2,000 COVID-19 test every day, but it only has the ability to carryout 1000 Covid19 tests every day.

The DG said: “We have been working hard to perform about 2,000 tests a day, sometimes less. In the past two days, we have opened new laboratories in Oyo, Akwa Ibom, and Jigawa states.

“In Ondo State, the Lassa Fever Laboratory is currently being rebuilt; a lot of work is in progress. However, the collection of samples is actually carried out in each state.

Currently, our laboratory is processing 10% to 20% of the capacity; we have the ability to conduct more tests-there are about 10,000 samples per day, and if we redouble our efforts, there may be more.”

He asked the states to provide more samples and pointed out that tests must be conducted to determine the state of the country.

The DG said: “The laboratory is there, but the sample is not enough. We hope that every state will redouble their efforts. The only way we can be in control of the situation is by carrying out tests and we are ready to Make it happen.

In a related development, PTF members appeared in the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on COVID-19 in Abuja on Thursday.

The Minister of Health told the House of Representatives that asymptomatic patients were trying to escape from isolation centers.

He said that persons who were tested positive and have received their reports refused to report to the isolation centres, but instead they run away. He said this is the reason why cases keep rising and these infected persons don’t seek the right advice.

He said some of them resort to other means that are not helpful while others run away and end up spreading it.

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