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We will deal with imported thugs and their sponsors – Gov. Obaseki



The Edo State government has issued a warning stressing that they will do everything they can within the confines of the law to bring to justice those who are responsible for importing political thugs through the coastal areas and other state borders to cause havoc to the people.

In a statement released on Thursday, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Media and Communication Strategy, Mr. Crusoe Osagie, said news of such movement of thugs have been heard and the would ensure that those responsible for such acts will be identified and dealt with.

He stated that has received intelligence report that some corrupt politicians are recruiting thugs from neighboring states to come into Edo state through the riverine areas and other land borders to cause trouble.

He said they will make this public to the people and warn them to look out for strange faces and movements within their neighborhood.

He said that if anybody spots any suspicious movement or person it should be reported to the relevant agencies and the government so that appropriate action can be taken against them.

He warned that the state government will exercise its powers to ensure that individuals and groups who go against the law by putting people’s lives in danger would be brought to justice.

He further warns that those who are stockpiling arms and ammunitions and who are plotting to cause destruction should be certain that the government will stop at nothing to identify, arrest, and bring who violate the law, no matter who they are.

However, the government of Edo state says it will punish any individual or group of people that violates the regulations contained in the gazette regarding political gathering which its purpose is to limit the spread of Covid19 in the state.

In a statement released, Special Adviser to the Governor on Media and Communication Strategy, Mr. Crusoe Osagie, mentioned that the state government would continue to, first of all, consider the safety and health of the Edo people, as Covid19 cases continue to rise in the state.

He also said that Governor Obaseki’s top priority is to protect the lives and property of Edo people, as he will not abandon his primary responsibility because of political pressure.

He says that is why the Governor signed the gazette to make sure there is proper management of political gatherings, which influenced their decision based on the epidemiological research carried out by researchers at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH).

Amaka Odinakachi, a born writer. She started writing at 12, when she won the best writer in High School. Since then she stated to chase her dreams.

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