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Dexamethasone has been proven to cure Covid19



Health experts have described Dexamethasone, a low-cost drug, which has long been known to be the most sought after treatment for people.

Researchers at the University of Oxford have found that the vaccine improves the immune system’s ability to recover faster, especially when it comes to breathing or helping us to breathe.

Researchers have found that the drug called Dexamethasone reduces the risk of death by over one third of the cases if they are taken.

Research carried out at the University of Oxford, England, has shown that antibiotics respond to the virus if they have been exposed to the virus in humans.

One of the researchers, Professor Martin Landray of the Department of Social Psychology at Oxford, said they were surprised by the results they received from the drug test:

“When we first noticed the results, we were surprised because it surpassed all our expectations.”

“Seeing such encouraging results in those affected by the disease has helped us continue to seek treatment – even though we have been searching for what we already know,” he said.

He also said that Dexamethasone is a drug that is easy to find and inexpensive, it has little side effect.

But other treatments must be continued, as Dexamethasone will not cure all those who are infected.

The first would not be applicable to any type of infected person.

But it is encouraging to remember that last week we had no medicine to rely on to fight this epidemic.

Amaka Odinakachi, a born writer. She started writing at 12, when she won the best writer in High School. Since then she stated to chase her dreams.

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