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U.S sanctions Nigerians for money laundering



The United States imposes sanctions on Nigerians on grounds of money laundering
US authorities have banned six Nigerians accused of money laundering of more than $ 6 million online.

According to a statement by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the suspects, led by a man named Richard Uzuh, have farmland as corporate leaders where millions of dollars have been illegally deposited into a bank account.

The others are Michael Godyomi, Alex Ogunshakin, Felix Okpoh, Nnamdi Benson and Abiola Kayode.

They also tricked those who fall into their trap, to get their passwords, titles, account locks, and other bank details.

The hackers have distributed more than six million dollars across different banks.

Those who fall into the trap of their hacking, have been tricked into using e-mails and on social networking sites.

The statement said the Nigerians have escaped and are being searched for.

However, US authorities say that all of their assets had been seized and that Americans are prohibited from dealing with them in any way.

Mike Pompeo said the conspiracy was aimed at using technological advancements to harm Americans, but authorities have taken steps to curb the criminal’s activities.

US officials say the Nigerians targeted individuals and small businesses in different parts of the United States in what US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called a “massive plan” of harm via email and and love prevails.

US authorities say the victims include adults and children, those with high levels of education and those who do not, and those at different levels of wealth in different parts of the United States.

But the vast majority of victims are women, elders, and those who are divorced.

The US government has been critical of the internet scam, where in July last year, the US Department of the Treasury’s Bureau of Criminal Investigations said it had received more than 32,000 complaints.

In August last year, the US authorities said about 80 foreigners had been scammed through Internet fraud charges related to the $ 46 billion fraud which is mostly caused by Nigerians living in the U.S Nigerians.

At the time only 14 persons were arrested, the rest were living abroad, and Nigerian authorities at the time pledged to cooperate with the United States in apprehending suspects living in Nigeria.

It is unclear whether the six people apprehended are among those charged last year.

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