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US wants Buhari’s government to end bloodshed in northern Nigeria



The United States condemns the recent killing of civilians in northern Nigeria.

According to a statement issued by the State Department, in recent days, suspected ISWAP militants have carried out attacks in Borno, killing more than 120 civilians, including women and children. 

It was also said that on June 9, unknown assailants attacked a village in Katsina and killed several people.

All of these attacks followed the killing of a pastor and his pregnant wife on June 1, and the killing of a clergyman and a large-scale civilian attack on June 5 in a tribal clash in Taraba.

Thousands of civilians have died in Nigeria in recent years as a result of attacks by insurgents, ethnic or religious conflicts.

The United States Government is calling on the Nigerian government to play a bigger role in bringing peace and punishing the perpetrators of violence.

Amnesty International says the Nigerian government has failed to protect its citizens as the security situation continue to deteriorate especially in the northern part of the country.

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