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Facebook says it has removed a Trump campaign featuring Nazi symbols



Facebook says it has removed the messages because they contain hate speech.

It has removed President Trump’s US campaign from the network that features a plaque used by the Nazis to label their opponents as Freemasons and communists.

The campaign has been used with the aim of suppressing the Antifa movement that President Trump and his administration has labelled as extremists.

A few weeks ago, when Twitter removed these messages of Donald Trump, Facebook’s Mark Zucherberg criticized the move, saying it had nothing to do with politicians

Facebook says it has removed the messages because they contain hate speech.

“We are not leaving signs that are hostile to certain groups or policies that show hostility unless they are punished in the message,” a senior company executive, Nathaniel Gleicher, said Thursday.

“That’s exactly what happened here, and wherever we see this sign being used we will take the same step.”

The ad posted on the pages of President Trump and his deputy Mike Pence lasted 24 hours, and was viewed thousands of times before it was removed.

“The brand is antifa, and the ad is antifa,” Trump campaign office spokesman Tim Murtaugh said in a statement.

“We also noticed that Facebook also uses the same red badge, which is very similar to the one we used,” he said.

Mr. Trump recently criticized the antifa over its protests across the United States over the death of black man named George Floyd.

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