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Governor Akerodolu of ondo state stops his deputy from leaving the states government house



The deputy governor of ondo state, Hon. Alfred Agboola Ajayi was temporarily stopped from leaving the ondo state government house on Saturday night by some security operatives who were reported to be men from the Nigerian police force ondo state command who were led by the states commissioner of police. CP. Salami bolaji.

The news came after rumours that the deputy governor had plans of defecting from the All progressive congress (APC) to the People Democratic Party (PDP) in the coming week.

It was gathered that some of the governor’s aides and personnels were sighted moving properties belonging to the governor away from the government house, which prompted swift action by the officers of the Nigerian police force by sealing the entire premises therefore letting no one leave.

The ondo state commissioner of police reportedly disclosed that they where acting on strict instructions given them by the Executive Governor of the state HE. Rotimi Akerodolu to stop Agboolas convoy.


Zakayingbenton Michael is a Nigerian writer,Chemist and a realist. He is a resident of Abuja, and Gbagyi by tribe.

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