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SHOCKING: Dubai Police Revealed that Hushpuppi made $400 million in 3 years



Dubai police revealed that Hushpuppi has earned over $ 400 million in 3 years!

Currently, the trend is across Africa and the Middle East. The biggest cybercriminal scam in Nigerian history was decided today, as published by Dubai Police on their official account of the arrest of Ramoni Igbolade Aka Hushpuppi.


The FBI and Dubai police followed him for 6

months before his arrest.

They disclosed a staggering sum of money to his gang, he embezzled over 1.9 million people

throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Items taken over from Hushpuppi and its crew by Dubai Police:

  1. Items worth Dirhams 150 million (16 billion)

  2. 21 laptops

  3. 47 smartphones

  4. 15 flash drives

  5. 5 hard drives with approximately 200,000 files

  6. 13 luxury cars worth 25 million Dirhams (3 billion)

The faith of the Dubai police that moved to 430 USD million in 3 years!

Hushpuppi Arrested



This is the largest cyber crime case in the world at moment!. Perhaps he is facing a death sentence or life confinement.

A sad day for honest Nigerians in Dubai, whose image.

Charity Ukamaka, a student of University of Nigeria. She is a Content Creator and loves writing as a freelancer.

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