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The causes of high cases of rape incidents in Nigeria



Rape is a crime in Nigeria punishable by law and as far as Nigeria is concerned it has had a devastating effect on its victims who are mostly the womenfolk. Victims of rape incidents are being scorned and abandoned in the community which has led to many rape victims being unable to come out to expose the evil acts of the perpetrators.

Cases of rape is a worldwide phenomenon, countries like the U.S, India, and Britain have recorded some of the highest cases of rape which is alarming due to negligence by the community and the authorities.

Famous musicians, sportsmen and religious leaders have one way or another been accused of sexual abuse.

Governments, NGOs, human rights groups, and civil rights groups and feminists have all condemned acts of sexual violence and have made calls for government around the world to legislate stringent measures for offenders ranging from life in imprisonment to extreme punishment like a death sentence to castration. Countries like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as some other gulf countries have legislated the death penalty for such crime.

Over the years, government, psychologists, and other academic experts have debated the causes of what triggers such an act.

Some have cited issues of modesty and while others like the feminist argued on the premise that a man should be able to control his lust. Both of these causes are possible but and should be considered as one of the causes rather than just nailing the problem on one particular cause. Because at the end of the day there is always a cause and effect to everything in life.

Offenders of rape cases have often given different excuses for their behaviour. Some of these acts of sexual violence have happened to but women and young children.

Could you believe that even some male teenagers often suffer from sexual exploitation or sexual violence from men who are attracted to the same sex?

However, based on my honest opinion without prejudice or bias, here are some of the causes of rape.

Wearing of body revealing clothes: take it or leave it, one of the causes of rape is the way women dress in public. The adornment  tight and body revealing clothes do not only display the shape of our body but it also show how the body of the woman looks on the inside. Such mode of dressing attracts hooligans and irresponsible men who are unable to control their lust to sexually molest young women.

Even if you are to say they should be able to control their lust, the truth of the matter is that, it is difficult for you to control how others feel as you only have power over your feelings. Such mode of will only just provoke the feeling such vile men.

Dress code in KSU Anyingba

So women should be able to control their own situation by dressing modestly. Also this is one of the reason why tertiary institutions across Nigeria place bill boards warning students to dress properly in the school environment as such female outfits like bum shot and crop tops or spaghetti clothes are banned within the school premises.

Pornography: Nowadays, the internet is easily accessible to millions of users around the globe hence millions of online content are uploaded on the internet and that includes pornography.

The pornography industry is an industry that makes billions dollars in revenues. Exposure to pornography affects the way women are looked at. In pornography women are basically treated as sex objects and violent sex scenes are on display for viewers who watch pornography sites by either streaming it or downloading it.

This kind of sexual contents uploaded on the internet gives those who view it, an unrealistic view of women’s sexuality and these sites send messages to viewers that women can be used as they please.

Teenagers have also been exposed to such content which is worrisome and will give such teenager a distorted notion about sexual relations with women.

Media: People are also exposed to seeing girls in movies, music videos and adverts either naked or half naked. This also shows the exploitation of women and vulgar languages are used in music videos to express women’s sexuality.

This affects especially the youths who are fed with the wrong messages of women’s sexuality thereby creating this idea that women can be used, dumped, molested or even harassed.

Such media degrades the role of women in our society and just see them as merely sexual objects. Also billboards also shows half naked women posing in front of a product just to sell their brands.

This kind of actions has created an atmosphere that is rife for incidents such as rape.

Weak legislation: Governments in countries where rape cases are common most often neglect the issue or they don’t take it seriously. As far as government don’t make proactive move to stop the epidemic it will continue occur and more women will continue to suffer from this cause.

A country like Saudi Arabia has legislated the death penalty for offenders coupled with other measures taken to avoid such incident from occurring and presently in the Kingdom the cases of rape have been reduced to the nearest minimum.

Even if the some might view such legislation as harsh, the most important thing to note is that the legislation has been effective so far for them.

Lack of sex education: Gender sensitization needs to be thought in schools as well as sensitize men and women alike. In order to see sexuality from the right perspective and not see women as just sex toys that can be used and abused.

First and foremost, governments need to legislate stringent measures to curb the cases of rape in Nigeria.

There should also be a massive campaign around campuses on acceptable dress code in tertiary institutions across Nigeria.

Media that have explicitly aggressive sexual content should be censored and media company should be punished.

Sex education should be thought in schools and sex education seminars should be organized for the general public.

Also, victims of sexual abuse should be supported in the community and offenders should be punished severely.

Religious leaders as well as traditional rulers should educate their congregation and subjects on morals pertaining to relations with the opposite sex.

Also, this might not be popular among some people but however, I think gender segregation should also be practiced to avoid situations like this.

Rape in itself is an evil act that must strongly be frowned upon and victims should be encouraged to speak out against the perpetrators.

If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to add your own views on the comment section.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed is that of the author and not of Tropics Nigeria.

Abudulrasheed Mubarak is a freelance content creator. He starting his writing career in 2011. He is a graduate of Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi in Urban and Regional Planning.

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