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Insurgents kills 9 soldiers and 2 militias in a civilian convoy



It was reported that nine soldiers and two civil defence militia were shot dead in an attack on a civilian convoys in Komala village close to the town of Damboa in Borno.

During the ambush it was said several civilians went missing.

It was said that the insurgents opened fire with rocket launchers and heavy arms on the convoy of more than a hundred vehicles on Saturday afternoon outside of Komla village, which is 90 kilometers away from the state capital Maiduguri.

Dambia is situated at the outskirts of Bokoharam’s Sambisa forest hide out where the group carryout its attack against villagers and the Nigerian army.

A military officer confirmed that 9 soldiers and two militias were killed in the attack.

The military officer who asked not to be identified, said that a civilian convoy escorted by army troops and the militia.

The head of the militia, Ibrahim Liman, said that the convoy was moving from Maiduguri to Dambia when it was ambushed.

He said that the two vigilantes and nine soldiers were recovered from the ambush with others that sustained injuries.

He narrated that the militants carted away with several vehicles and stoke supplies before running back to their hide out in Sambisa forest.

He said several civilians were missing and were assumed to be killed or kidnapped by the attackers.

Boko haram and its splinter group ISWAP are known for attacking civilian and military convoys on highways on the outskirts of Maiduguri including kidnapping travellers at fake check points.

Civilians usually travel north of Maiduguri with military escort due to the unrelenting attacks by the insurgents, which have increased in recent weeks.

The conflict which has continued for almost a decade has cost the lives if 36,000 people so far and has displaced 2 million people from their homes in the north east.

The activities of the insurgents have also spread to neighboring countries such as Niger, Chad and Cameroon which have brought about a regional military coalition in the fight against the insurgents.

Amaka Odinakachi, a born writer. She started writing at 12, when she won the best writer in High School. Since then she stated to chase her dreams.

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