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White power slogan video deleted after Trump faced backlash



The President of the United States, Donald Trump, tweeted and deleted a video shows supporters could be heard saying “white power” slogan, in the latest incident in which the U.S President was stoking racial tensions.

The phrase is always made use of by the right wing nationalist of which it caused a backlash from within the President’s own party, the Republican Party.

The tweet was seen amid the country’s recent turbulent events about racial discrimination, in a wave of police brutality against African-American such as personalities like George Floyd in which his murder by a police officer sparked a nation wide protest.

So far there have been series of protest conducted under the banner of the black lives matter.

It was seen in a video of President Trump’s supporter’s shouting the slogans.

Trump made a comment online saying he thanked the great people of the villages, referring to the retirement community in Florida where the video was taken.

The only black republican senate, Senator Tim Scott, denounced the video that the President put on earlier.

Senator Scot said that the entire video was offensive.

The Presidency in the white house, explained the omission of the tweet, which had there for close to four hours, mentioning that the president was not aware of the video content.

Trump is a big supporter of The Village as he didn’t hear the exact statement made from within his supporters.

White house spoke person, Judd Deere stated that what the President saw was an unwaivering support from his many supporters.

President Trump with his recent and past actions, has been accused of increasing tensions in the U.S during his administration, while failing to unite the country.

Recently, he ordered a tough crackdown on violent protest against police brutality and injustice.

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