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Breaking News: A man has been sentenced to death in Kaduna Sate for Raping a two-years-old girl to death



Child raped to death

Amidst the fear and anxiety of Covid-19, rape became an affiliate of the terror the quarantine period exposed especially after the death and request justice hashtags for Tina and Ruwa.

The fate that befell Tina and Rewa steered an uproar and an immediate demand to hault rape and severely purnish offenders. Some speculation opted death or life imprisonment for rapist and accomplices of rape in Nigeria.

Tropics Nigeria gathered that the Nigerian senate and state assemblies did not take the matter low as they came up with legislation that would punish offenders harshly and possibly scare out future occurrences.

Tropics Nigeria gathered some thought from a professor of Peace Studies at Ahmadu Bello University on The 21st of June; Prof. Kaoje. Prof. Said that in his opinion any man charged or confirmed guilty of any sort of rape should be delt with severely and that means immediate death by whatsoever means.

When asked why such cruel justice by our correspondence, he said “ there are a lot of women willing to have sex for the fun, why then should one force the unwilling ones?”

It was in the light of the these that a Kaduna State High Court on Wednesday sentenced a man to death by hanging for raping a two-year-old girl to death.

According to the report, The suspect identified as Usman Shehu Bashir, took the victim, Fatima to his room and raped her in 2015.

Ruling on Wednesday, Justice Kabir Dabo said the judgement of death by hanging was passed under section 221 of the penal code, Kaduna State law 1999 as amended.

Bashir had while confessing to the crime said the incident lasted for about 40 minutes.

Report also had it that The judge affirmed that, the convict has confessionally confirmed the occurrence of the offence, as well, his written statements also confirmed. By these two confessional statements, the court passed the judgement.

On that fateful day, the convict took late Fatima to his room and for about 40 minutes, he raped her which led to her death, after the establishment of all the evidence of committing the crime,” Vanguard quoted him as saying.

So many indigenes in Kaduna State and the online audience against rape thumbs up to the Kaduna Court for such a fair justice but something amiss is the fact that the convict still has right for appeal open up till the next 90 day.

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