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Nigeria to Serve as Coordinator, Poverty Eradication Group – UN



The United Nations (UN) has on Wednesday 1st July, 2020 appointed Nigeria to serve in the capacity of Coordinator – Poverty Eradication Group. According to This day Live, the program has just been launched with the aim of tackling the rate of poverty on humanity globally.

In a statement released on June 1st, the United Nation’s General Assembly (UNGA), Mr Tijjani Muhammad Bande said poverty was the chief hindrances in attaining the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Bande, who spoke in New York at a meeting on “Eradication Strategies” expressed concern over the devastating effects caused by poverty on humanity said that the covid – 19 pandemic did not help the matter as it makes it even worse.

Bande gave a statistical analysis of the poverty figures, adding that before the beginning of the Covid – 19 pandemic, 2.1billion persons globally were categorised as poor, while 767 million were estimated to live in extreme poverty, saying due to the ravaging effect of the Covid – 19 pandemic and climate change an estimated number of 100 million persons will be thrown into poverty by 2030 globally.

He attested to the fact that the UN has 30 members states funding it, saying “The Alliance For Poverty Eradication is the signature event” and its coordinator is Nigeria.

The President further says to address the problems of poverty, ” The Alliance should provide a mechanism for interrogating the poverty challenge from all possible or at least, multi – disciplinary angles” he also said “there is no amount of time and attention given to poverty eradication that is too much”.

Reacting to this, the Nigerian Ambassador to the UN, Samson Itegboje, commended the commitment of Muhammad Bande by initiating the Poverty Eradication Program. Itegboje who stated that poverty is the main foundation of terrorism, illegal migration, piracy amongst many social vices noted that it is high time for international communities to address and strategise the damaging effect of poverty.

Itegboje said “The Alliance For Poverty Eradication must therefore offer hope and clearly point us to the right direction, particularly coming at a time when dismantling of economic activities globally as a result of the Covid – 19 pandemic is projected to revise gains already made in the achievement of the 2030 agenda as well as push additional half a billion people into extreme poverty”.

It should be noted that the Nigerian Diplomat is the head of the group.

Aku Moses, a freelance writer, he is specialized in writing Metropolitan and Political news.

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