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The oil sold to Nigeria from Europe is more toxic



The oil market in Nigeria is far less toxic than the diesel that European dealers are buying, according to a report.

It is feared that the importation of crude oil by Nigerian importers after it is said in Europe is affecting the quality of air in Africa’s most populous country.

The Stakeholder Democracy Network (SDN) has described 91 samples of the country’s oil and Nigerian imports from the oil-rich Niger Delta region.

Studies show that the oil and diesel imports contain more than 200 times more sulfur content than the European Union estimates.

In comparison, the oil available from the market in the Niger Delta region, containing more than 150 times as much sulfur as specified.

The SDN is now calling for an urgent oil quality assessment across the country to ascertain the extent of the problem.

In 2017, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation agreed to increase the quality of the country’s petroleum products, but SDN said no concerted efforts have been made to ensure implementation.

Nigeria is one of the oil richest countries in the world, but its resources are either under-utilised or not working properly, making the country highly dependent on foreign oil and then refining it.

Adam Abubakar is a renowned writer and poet. He Specializes in Writing Political News. He worked for five years as a writer and editor at the national news magazine.

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