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An inmate’s mother laments her son’s unlawful six year incarceration



A prisoner in the Kirikiri Penitentiary, Chidozie Ajokugi, has been suffering in the facility without standing trial for six years.

Modupe, who is his mother, disclosed that the family made efforts to get the authorities to take action on the matter of which they have been unsuccessful at doing, even after the complaints removed him of blame in the matter that brought him to the penitentiary.

It was understood that Chidozie went to charge his laptop in his friend’s landlord’s house at the Abati area of Lagos back in 2014, and while he was trying to wait for his laptop to be fully charged, members of the Special Anti Robbery Squad, SARS, raided the building and arrested him as well as others, saying that they were alleged to have stolen a car.

Meanwhile, the owner of the vehicle said Chidozie and his friend were not the culprit but the landlord, whose name is Raheem Oloriebi, was the culprit.

Instead, the police refused to release Chidozie and his friend, Prosper even when they were said not to be the culprit.

His mother said that the police requested for a bail of 5 million naira, after Chidozie have been accused of being a fraudster.
His mother disclosed that the landlord, Mr. Raheem attacked one Mr. Omodele at gunpoint and took away his car, Mr.Raheem took the car to a mechanic to sell, but the police saw the car at the mechanic’s workshop and when the mechanic was asked about the owner of the car, he told the police that he was the owner of the car and he was arrested on the spot.

When the mechanic discovered that it was a stolen car, he confessed that it was Raheem, who brought the car to his workshop for sale, with this confession, the came to Raheem’s house to arrest him, but unfortunately Chidozie was in the apartment charging his laptop when the police came and he and his friend was arrested together with Raheem.

Chidozie’s mother said his son and his friend were innocent of the crime but the police refused to release him and his friend, even when Raheem revealed that they were innocent. She said her son is a graphic artist and when the police checked his laptop and saw some of his graphic designs, they called him an internet fraudster and said he will be released on bail for N5 million, but when they were unable to raise the money, he was then charged together with others for armed robbery.

The last time they were arraigned back in 2014, nothing has said or done on the case except in 2015 when the complainant came to testify at the Igbosere High Court that Chidozie and Prosper were innocent of the armed robbery incident.

The cade have severally been adjourned and her son his suffering in jail for six years now for a crime he did not commit. She said she wants justice, as her son has spent the better part of his life in prison and they would like all the relevant authorities to help them.

When the Lagos Ministry of Justice was contacted, it stated that the trial was ongoing.

A statement given by the ministry’s Director for Public Prosecutions, Kayode Oyekanmi, read that their attention had been drawn to the above post and they deem it important to mention the correct position and status of the case. It said the defendant was charged together with four others for the offences of conniving to carryout the robbery.

It stated the case is being prosecuted by the Directorate of Public Prosecution and the trial is ongoing at the high court. It said contrary to the claim, the defendant has been represented by a lawyer and has been present in the court proceedings, it says the last adjourned date, was in February 2020. It says the case was adjourned for the trial to continue. It says that they assure the public of their will to serving the people of Lagos State and promoting access to Justice.

Adam Abubakar is a renowned writer and poet. He Specializes in Writing Political News. He worked for five years as a writer and editor at the national news magazine.

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