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MURIC criticises GLO over Hijab controversy, request NCC to clarify



The Muslim Right Concern (MURIC) has requested the National Communications Commission (NCC) over hijab controversy as result of sim registration which involves a lady, Mutiat Oba and a GLO customer care representative.

Mutiat was said to have been subject to religious stigmatization when Mutiat was trying to register her sim card in GLO office on Monday 15 June, 2020.

In a press statement, MURIC requested that NCC should clarify the manner in which hijab can be worn by Muslim women during sim registration.

The Director of MURIC, Professor Ishaq kintola, narrates that Mrs Mutiat Oba came to GLO customer care centre at Adeola Odeku Street, in Victoria Island, Lagos on Monday, 15th June, 2020 between the hours of 1:30-3pm to lay a complain regarding her GLO sim card. She was told to get a new sim which would have to register.

During the capture, a lady whose name is Banks told her to show her ears which was covered by the hijab and women veiling is a requirement of the hijab under Islamic law.

Mrs Oba who was adamant at first was eventually forced to remove her hijab by Banke who said to her that based on their newly gotten equipment, they have been directed by NCC people like her unless her ears is exposed. Banks also said to her that the law wasn’t only applicable to GLO but also to other network providers.

Even when Mutiat presented her driving license and her international passport with her appearing on hijab in both ID cards, the GLO official was still not convinced. Her superior made matters worse as she repeated that their customers during sim registration must have to cover their ears.

Mutiat who was humbled and intimidated agreed to remove her hijab to expose her ear.

MURIC have in string terms condemn the act in GLO customer care office. It said it is an encroachment on Allah’s given fundamental human rights of Mrs Mutiat Oba, who is a law abiding citizen of Nigeria.

It said it is a provocative act which has led to the stereotyping of Muslim women.

MURIC has requested NCC to clear the air if its true position. It said that there was no time NCC made any announcement for Muslim women to unveil themselves when they want to be captured for sim registration.

It also requested that NCC investigate the matter and punish GLO if there wasn’t any law made on such issue. It said that even if it were to be true, doesn’t NCC recognise that there is freedom of religion?

It said that can GLO claim to be innocent if NCC mentions that it did not any law regarding that? It said that who is to blame for such an act, is it GLO, NCC or GLO staff.

It said that this is what many women in the south west face with drivers license, international passports or in national identity card offices. It says that such thing cannot be done in the north as a result of fear of backlash which might even lead to violence.

It says that the organization will continue to expose religious bigots, oppressors and tyrants who are preoccupied with the persecution of Muslims and subjection of ridiculing Muslim women with the aim to compromise their faith.

MURIC also stated that it will use every legitimate means at its disposal to seek redress if NCC doesn’t give clarification on the issue in the space of fourteen days. It says if nothing is being done, then it will see it as a conspiracy in which NCC has given the go ahead for the persecution of Muslim women in telecom offices.

The organization appealed to all Muslims to keep calm and be patient as well as remaining a law abiding citizen.

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