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A proprietor in Osun State have been arrested for spreading fake school resumption plan



The Osun State Government had announced that a private school proprietor had been detained by the police for showing unapproved plan for schools reopening.

The said plan for schools reopening was circulated on WhatsApp groups i n the state on Wednesday which drew the attention of Mr. Jamiu Olawunmi, Special Adviser to the Governor on Education, told reporters not to believe what the proposal that has circulated on WhatsApp.

Olawumi mentioned that the proprietor who made such claims have been arrested and that the public should wait for the directive of the Governor Gboyega Oyetola.

According to the circulated school reopening proposal, it said schools in Osun State are expected to resume on the 20th of July, 2020 and 20 will be allowed to sit in class.

It also stated the schooling hours in which morning classes are to run from 8am-12pm and afternoon classes from 1:30pm-5-30pm daily.

Meanwhile, Mr. Olawumi stressed that schools were closed based on the orders of the President and when to open has been left for the state governors to determine. He said the people of Osun should patiently wait for the Governor’s announcement. He reminded everyone that the proprietor who circulated the news is now in police custody and people should not take the circulation seriously.

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