Monday, May 17, 2021

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Agura Hotel to serve as observation centre for Covid19 patients

During the PTF press briefing, the Minister of Health, Dr. Ehanire Osagie, disclosed that Agura Hotel will be renovated as soon as possible, which will serve as an additional observation centre to increase capacity for Covid19 patient.

The PTF Chairman, Mr. Boss Mustapha said ” as often repeated by the PTF, contracting of Covid19 is not a death sentence, bit people not presenting themselves for testing or treatment when symptoms become observable, could likely lead to avoidable death.”

” The pandemic would not go away by a wish, neither would it go away if we refuse keep safe. Please let’s all resolve to play our part, while government does its best to save lives and livelihood.”

The opening of domestic flights should not be misconstrued. The PTF strongly encourages virtual meeting. The PTF still urge places of worship to cautiously follow the guidelines on public gatherings.”

However, Mr. Boss Mustapha advised members of the political elites to be careful with their gatherings for whatever reasons.”

The PTF said that a lot of people have survived coronavirus, with 80% of people who contracted the virus have mild to moderate illness, 20% would end up in hospital and only a small fraction will die, but it said even those that will survive, they might end up with one or two disorders which is why people need to avoid contracting the virus.

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