Monday, May 17, 2021

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Virtual Platforms Will Boost Educational System – Dr. Adjadjare

Dr.Emmanuel Adjadjare, an Associate Professor and acting Head of Department,  Biological Sciences at the Benson Idahosa (BIU) Benin, said online teaching and learning platforms will be an added advantage to the country’s educational system as long as it complements the generally accepted methods, reiterating the fact that the virtual method  could not replace the physical approach of learning.

Adjadjare also said “A number of institutions have started deploying digital technology even prior to COVID – 19 with the installation of smart classrooms. The COVID – 19 pandemic  fast tracked the process. That said, it is important to point out that teaching and learning using online platforms can only complement the traditional method that requires physical interaction between teachers and learners in classrooms. The classroom could be made smarter by using technology; but online teaching platforms cannot at this time replace the more effective traditional approach”.

Adjadjare who said the skills and experiences acquired in the use of virtual platforms would be of great benefits and will go a long way to improve the quality of teaching, learning and carrying out research in institutions of learning perhaps when everything stabilized.

The Professor shared his thought on school resumption, saying as long as NCDC guidelines were strictly adhered to, the schools and the Nigerian economy can be reopened.

He said the solution to curtail the spread of the disease doesn’t lie in lockdown, but on what is been done while locked down, stressing that the lockdown period ought to be a temporary space of time that would enable the government and other stakeholders come up with plans on which the pandemic could be managed.

According to Adjadjare, “All the government needs to do in reopening schools is to ensure strict compliance to the guidelines put in place by the NCDC. Schools that comply and continue to comply with the NCDC guidelines could be allowed to reopen and remain open. Those who do not meet the requirements of the NCDC guidelines should remain closed until they do the needful”

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