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Wike ‘rescues’ ex-NNDC MD, Nunieh, from police siege

Security men have broken into Joi Nunieh’s resdience via the back door of her house. Governor Wike reportedly on his way to meet her.

Akpabio most likely want to rid off some evidences.



Gov. Wike saved Joy Nunieh’s life today. The police raid on her house at 4.00am was illegal & was NOT backed by a warrant or authorised by the I-G. It was simply an attempt to abduct & possibly kill her. Wike arrived on the scene, broke the siege & saved her life.

Thankfully she is alive to tell her story, but the real question is what will happen to the police members that took part in the raid? Just saving her life this morning is not enough, they might try again.

Gov. Wike with the last minute saver for Joi Nunieh after a stand off of more than 7hours with heavily armed Policemen who barricaded and tried to gain entrance into her premises. This happened while she was on live TV talking about the corruption in NDDC.

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