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Governor of Zamfara to offer two cows each to repentant bandits



The Zamfara State Governor have stated that his government will give two cows to each bandits that choose to lay down his arm in order to stop the happening on its villages.

Communities across the state for years have been destroyed by deadly raids from aired groups of motorcycle riding cattle rustlers and kidnappers.

Several military operations carried out in the state have not brought an end to the killings and in the past there have been dialogues with stakeholders to see how to bring about peace.

The Governor of Zamfara state, Bello Matawalle stated that with his new initiative will compensate any repentant bandit who have chosen to lay down their arms with two cows.

The Governor stressed that the giving out of livestock as compensation was aimed at disarming them without cash payment so as to not allow them to purchase more arms.
However it is not certain if this will make the bandits leave their lucrative kidnapping and cattle rustling.

Experts said In recent times, the attacks in the northwestern Nigeria have been attributed to over population and climate change which has seen the result of an estimated 8000 people killed since 2011 and 200,000 people who deserted their homes.

The present dispensation of President Muhammadu Buhari has promised to end the killings after there was an increase in attacks by armed bandits in Katsina state.
It is alleged that the bandits are mainly Fulani which has for many years depend on cattle herding.

Vigilante groups have been mobilised by local communities to defend themselves but they have been accused of engaging in extra judicial killings which has led to the increase in attacks.

Abudulrasheed Mubarak is a freelance content creator. He starting his writing career in 2011. He is a graduate of Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi in Urban and Regional Planning.

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