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Tolulope Arotile’s Killer: Nigerian Air Force exposed the Killer

She died from multiple head injuries, Wednesday when she was knocked down by a Vehicle driven by Adejoh at NAF base, Kaduna



NAF Public Relations and Information Director Ibikunle Daramola gave the name of Arotile’s former classmate, who drove the vehicle “Mr. Nehemiah Adejoh” that crashed into Nigeria’s first female combat helicopter pilot.

On Wednesday, Arotile died of a head injury when she was knocked down by a car driven by Adejoh at the NAF base in Kaduna.

After accepting the preliminary investigation report, a NAF spokesperson said that on the day of the incident, the late Arotile met her three former classmates at Air Force Middle School and the current Kaduna Air Force Comprehensive School.

Dara Mora said: “Mr. Nehemiah Adejoh, Mr. Igbekl Florenshu and Mr. Festus Gebagon drove past her in a Kia Sorento SUV with the registration number AZ 478 MKA.

It is worth noting that Mr. Adejo, Mr. Florencho and Mr. Gbagon are civilians who live outside the NAF base Kaduna, but are visiting the wife of the squadron leader Mrs. Chioma Ugwu and husband Chukwuemeka Ugwu , he lives in the Ekagbo dormitory at the base.

“After recognizing their classmate Arotile, Mr. Adejoh driving the car overturned the car, ostensibly wanting to meet the dead person walking in the opposite direction as soon as possible. In the process, the vehicle hit the flight officer Arotile from the rear with A lot of force knocked her down and hit her head on the sidewalk.

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