Tuesday, May 18, 2021

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Covid-19: Hope for the world as UK health team develops a new treatment trial for Coronavirus using Protein

A preliminary test gotten from the Clinical trial in UK gives a new treatment for coronavirus.

From a Southampton based biotech Synairgen it gives that Covid-19 used a protein called interferon beta which the body produces whenever a viral infection enters it.This protein gets to the body through the lungs of the Patients with the aid of a nebulizer.
Meanwhile the initial findings suggests that a huge percentage of survival of a coronavirus patients lies on Ventilation.

As the world hopes for a permanent vaccine for this novel pandemic it is worthy to note that this trial is still active and hopefully more hopes will unveil .
The test so far has 101 coronavius patients volunteers who are now on 9 UK hospitals ,half of the patients have been administered with the drug while the other half were given a drug known as Placebo which is an inactive substance.

Synairgen claims also from the test that patients were 2 or more times likely to recover to the point everyday activities were not in anyway compromised by their illness,it has also indicated a huge reduction in breathlessness among Patients who were treated.

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