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The Kano State Police Command says it has confiscated firearms and drugs



The Kano State Police Command said its officers seized several firearms, some of which were allegedly used by robbers in the course of their operations.

The commissioner of the NPF in Kano, Habu Sani, made the remarks while presiding over the execution of 392 people whom the force said were arrested on various charges.

The firearms included three Ak47 assault rifles, two pistols and three rounds of ammunition, in addition to 1,087 rounds of ammunition.

He said the men were accused of using weapons in armed robberies, kidnappings, security breaches, and clandestine activities.

The arrests were made between May 15 and July 22, according to the police. There are also cases of certain types of drugs including Codine and marijuana.

Among the items were packages of various drugs, including kidneys, valued at more than N1 million, and cannabis valued at more than N3 million.

CP Habu Sani, said they have now identified a new method used by drug dealers to import such products into Kano State.
“They get in the wrecked car and open the back and put in the luggage. It’s like a warehouse, and then small dealers come and pick it up.”

He said trailers and other trucks drivers as well as their team, obtained information and arrested them. He did not say when the criminals would be arraigned in court.

Numerous reports have described Kano as one of the worst states in Nigeria with drug problems as a whole.

Drugs are trafficked in many parts of the state, and young men and women are involved in the sale and consumption of various drugs. Authorities say they are working hard to eradicate the problem in the state.

Amaka Odinakachi, a born writer. She started writing at 12, when she won the best writer in High School. Since then she stated to chase her dreams.

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