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France is investigating the former head of Rwanda’s Military intelligence



The French government has launched an investigation into allegations of human rights abuses by former Rwandan military chief Aloys Ntiwiragabo during the 1994 genocide of thousands of Tutsis.

Officials from the French Terrorism Investigation Agency launched the investigation a day after Ntiwiragabo’s hideout was discovered and he was arrested in Orleans in southwestern France.

The UN-backed genocide tribunal in Rwanda has already identified the former military intelligence chief as one of the masterminds of the 1994 genocide of 800,000 people most of them are Tutsi.

The most wanted men in human rights abuses or genocide have long been in hiding in France.

Two months ago, security forces arrested Felicien Kabuga, a wealthy businessman accused of financing the 1994 Rwandan genocide.


Kabuga was arrested after 25 years of playing hide-and-seek with security forces.

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