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China records its highest number of Covid-19 infections since March



According to figures released by the National Health Commission, China registered 57 Covid-19 cases on Sunday, which has been the highest in China since coronavirus cases dropped in March.

Those with transmitted disease include, 41 cases in Xinjiang, where people were reinfected on July 15 after close to five months in there were no recorded cases.
The remaining cases discovered were 14 cases in Liaoning province and two in Jilin province.

Sunday’s figures which was released turns out to be the highest since March 6, which has surpassed the daily spikes during the coronavirus outbreak in Beijing last month.
Also, China on Monday reported 4 imported cases and 44 asymptomatic infections.

China doesn’t include asymptomatic cases in its overall tally of confirmed infections.
The National Health Commission has reported that China has so far recorded a total of 83,981 cases with 4,634 deaths

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