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List of dividends declared as of 2020 (July)



As the audited accounts begin to trickle in, the companies will propose dividends to their shareholders in accordance with the recommendations of their respective boards. It is also important to track these announcements to understand who is eligible to receive dividends, when dividends are approved, and when dividends are paid. Dividend payments also affect stock prices.

Announcement date

The date when the company declares its dividend, which is certified by the company’s actions posted on the NSE website.

Eligibility Date

Shareholders who own shares as of that date will receive dividends. If you buy stocks and want to receive dividends, make sure that it is at least three days before that date. The shares will be transferred to you according to the T + 3 rule (purchase date plus 3 working days).

Payment date

This is the time when dividends will be paid to you by mail (dividend warrants) or directly credited to your bank account (electronic dividends).

Close the register – Only shareholders who own shares in their register before this date can receive dividends. If you are using a mobile phone, you can also scroll horizontally to view the remaining columns.

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