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Olumide Akpata wins NBA presidential election



olumide Akpata win nba election
UPDATE: After 14107 have been cast, Olumide Akpata maintains his comfortable lead. Meanwhile,  Awomolo’s Letter Against “Junior Lawyers” Leading The Bar also contributed to Olumide Akpata’s victory. Not the first e-elections? But is it possible that the older wigs haven’t gotten a hang of the new system?

Olumide Akpata victory is hinged on three things.

  • Departure from the old order of making NBA Presidency an exclusive rights of SAN
  • He was able to appeal to the conscience of Young Lawyers.
  • He was able to engage the right people on social media.


Sylvester Oputa is an inspirational/motivational speaker. A graduate of Kenule Beeson Saro-Wiwa Polytechnic Bori (Former Rivers State Polytechnic) where He studied Computer Science. Sylvester Oputa has passion in what ever he is doing especially when it comes to academics which his passion led him to specialize on Software Development (Programming) he is commonly known as 'dCRAZYprogrammer' because of his tactical way of solving problem this has distinguished him from others. Sylvester Oputa is a good leader and he have served in various capacities in school and other organizations. And with God he is achieving more. Sylvester Oputa is hail from Idu-Osobile Community in ONELGA Rivers State.

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