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Dadiyata is now 1 year in captivity – Family cries for help




This day August 1st, 2019, Mr. Abubakar Idris is popularly known as #Dadiyata was abducted by gunmen suspected to be DSS in his Kaduna home. Since then, he has not been seen as his whereabouts are still unknown.

After a long day, he returned to Kaduna on August 1, 2019. He drove in and was about to lock the entrance door. Just like in the movie, there were gunmen, and in the words of his wife, these people “…cost him and took him into the car.” His family waited and hope he would return that night. They waited, waited. The waiting time has been extended from one day, one month to several months, and now it is one year. It has been a year since Abubakar Idris was abducted. His family, his friends, and all Nigerians are asking. Where is Dadiyata? The suffering that this kidnapping continues to cause to his family and relatives can be imagined.

Anyone who knows Dadiyata and how he publicly criticizes the government will agree that we should ask all the difficult questions surrounding his disappearance. The past few years have been very unhappy with critics of the government and those who disagree in Nigeria. In the process of widespread crackdowns on freedom of speech, many of them have been subjected to illegal detention, harassment, and unreasonable litigation by state actors. These attempts have and will continue to choke the ever-shrinking civic space.

The Government Over Regulation

We have seen that the government’s over-regulation, or more directly, the suppression of freedom of speech is an unhealthy obsession. Examples of recent relics of these attempts are the bills known as the “Social Media Act” and the “Hate Speech Act”, which are currently dormant in the legislature. These attacks, and many more, are voices of dissent amid barbaric aggression. In this war, many sacrifices were made, including the sacrifice of freedom and freedom.

The unfortunate experience of Abiri Jones and others was enforced disappearance in July 2016. They were secretly hidden for more than 2 years without being able to contact their lawyers or family members. This shows that the state has adopted an evil approach to fear and intimidation. This means to suppress critics. Similarly, Samuel Ogundipe, Stephen Kefason, and many other cases have suffered torture and dehumanization to varying degrees.


Salihu Abdulsalam has been working with writing challenged clients for over four years. He provides ghost writing, coaching and ghost editing services. His educational background in family science and journalism has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics.

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