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Governor Sonwo-Olu visit health workers to offer words of encouragement



The Lagos state government, Babajide Sonwo-Olu, stopped by to visit the Lagos Island Maternity Hospital to appreciate heath workers in his statement he said, “I decided it was important to see the workers and patients and encourage them on a day like this. The visit also gives me a chance to see things for myself. Our administration will continue to ensure the welfare of the people remains a priority.

“Earlier in the morning, we rescued somebody who was planning to jump into the Lagoon at the Third Mainland Bridge because he had a debt of N500,000. We rescued him and paid the debt. These details are what makes the difference.

“We need to always show the humane side of us while not losing sight of the big picture. Yes, we want to build roads, bridges and schools but we certainly need to create time for the little things as well.”

Adam Abubakar is a renowned writer and poet. He Specializes in Writing Political News. He worked for five years as a writer and editor at the national news magazine.

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