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8 Facts about Coca-Cola



Coca-Cola is world-wide brand which is known all over the world and consumed by millions of people and today is ranked as the highest selling soft drink ever. Here are 8 things you need to know about Coca-Cola;

  1. The Coca-Cola Company was founded by Pharmacist John Stith Pemberton who was from Columbus. The company today is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.
  2. The original Coca-Cola was first produced as a medicinal beverage and sold to drug stores.
  3. The design and its name was given by Pemberton’s book-keeper, Frank M. Robinson. He chose the name from the two ingredients which Coca-Cola use in producing its drinks which are Coca leaves and kolanuts.
  4. The Coca-Cola Company is known for producing its syrup concentrate but however, the production of bottles and cans is being produced by local Coca-Cola franchise. It is important to note that the formula for the production of Coca-Cola concentrates is something that is kept secret by the company and it produces its concentrates at its headquarters. The concentrates is then distributed to local Coca-Cola factories worldwide.
  5. Coca-Cola is also widely known as the world’s largest producer of plastic waste. It produces over 3 million tons of plastic waste every year including 110 billion plastic bottles.
  6. Another fact to note is that Coca-Cola beverage is ranked as the most purchased soft drink in the world.
  7. The Coca-Cola Company produces other soft drinks such as Fanta and Sprite. The production of the “Fanta” drink came about as a result of the German trade embargo on Coca-Cola soft drinks during World War II. This move made Max Keith, who was then the head of Coca-Cola German office to come up with an alternative drink in place of Coca-Cola drinks which he later named “Fanta” and during the course of the war, the drink became very popular in Germany and was exclusively consumed in Germany. The decision of Keith was to still keep the Coca-Cola Company running with obviously a different brand name. The raw materials for the Fanta drink were only sourced from Germany and was consumed as an orange flavoured soft drink. After the Second World War, Coca-Cola became popular again in Germany and afterwards adopted Fanta as its brand.
  8. The Coca-Cola drink is the most consumed soft drink in many part of the world except in North Korea and the middle-east where “Mecca Cola is the alternative drink consumed. The Mecca Cola was produced in order to boycott buying Coca-Cola drinks because of Coca-Cola’s stance on Isreal.

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