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How to conduct a job interview



Conducting a job interview is not something that is easy to do. Employing the wrong can be a big problem for the employer, so it is important to note that you should effectively interview applicants in order to remove the ones that does not meet the kind of employee you want. It is very important to carry out a background research on the applicants, this helps you to ask the right questions and have a good rapport and to know if the candidate is the right person for the job. Below are ways on how to successfully interview a job applicant;

Get yourself ready to evaluate the applicant

Make your findings on the applicants background: Applicants usually submit their curriculum vitae which is deemed by them to be factual information, so it will be wise if you verify some of the information he/she provided in the CV like verifying if the person finished from a particular institution and also if the person stated in his CV that he has worked with a particular organization before, then it is necessary to confirm from the organization if he has truly worked there before. If is true, you may have to inquire from the organization about the applicant work history, this sort of questions will help you to know what kind of applicant you are dealing with. Other things you have to do is to call the applicants referee to ask questions pertaining to what has been stated in his/her CV. You can also check the person’s profile on Facebook if his profile is public. All this you will have to do as applicants like to make their CV look attractive because of the competition in the job market.

Know the kind of qualification you are looking for: The aim of an interview is to know more about the applicant personality and decide whether he or she will be able to handle the job. You may be interviewing about four candidates with the same level of qualification so the thing that will make one standout of the rest is if the applicants is someone who can solve the challenges your organization is facing and if the applicants can cope with the pressures that come with the job. Also, if the applicants are finally employed, they should be placed on probation in order to ascertain if they can produce results.

Conducting the Interview

Ask the applicant some general questions: After introducing yourself and exchanging greetings, you ask the applicant questions relating to what he/she has presented in his/her CV. Also make sure that the applicant answers correspond with what was stated in his/her CV. If the person claims to have previously worked in another company, try asking him/her how many years has he/she worked with the company, why he/she left. Also ask him what position he previously held and why his/her experience is relevant to the position he applied for.

Make some enquiries about his behaviour: Try knowing how the candidate can handle work situations by asking him to explain some of the challenges he has faced and how he came up with a solution. Also ask the applicant some ethical questions. This will give you a hint as to whether he/she is a disciplined person.

Ask the applicants some probing questions like why should he be employed, why did he left his last job and what will he do if he spot someone with unethical behavior. All this questions should be asked in order to ascertain if the candidate will be able to handle the pressure of this sort of questions or if he will crumble.

Remember if you are done with your questions, you should allow the applicant to ask theirs too as some of them will prepare a series of questions which you must be prepared to answer. If the applicant say he has no question that in itself shows how engaging the person is with the prospect of working in your company. However, the applicant might ask questions pertaining to work hours, salary, if there will be allowances of any kind, job description and any other information that might come up.

Also the applicant might ask about his chances of getting the job, in this case don’t give a definitive reply unless you are very sure that you are going to offer the job to him or her.

At the conclusion of the interview, let the applicant know that you will be in touch in the next few days or weeks after which you shake hands before the candidate leave.

Note: During the course of conducting your interview, ensure you establish a good rapport with the applicant, don’t do most of the talking, and avoid questions regarding race, ethnicity, religion, sex, age, disability, state of origin and other factors. Also, represent your company well as you will not want the applicant to think that your company is not a good place to work or you are an unpleasant boss. If you don’t represent your company well the applicant may simply reject the job offer. Do not forget to jot down some vital information during the interview. This will help you to cross check after the interview.

Adam Abubakar is a renowned writer and poet. He Specializes in Writing Political News. He worked for five years as a writer and editor at the national news magazine.

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