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Huawei Users have a reason to Switch Phones



Huawei is moving on a rapid stake this year. way back in May, when the US Blacklisted Huawei access to its custom chip that was developed a few years back to trigger its 5G equipment for flagship smartphones. Surprisingly Huawei was seen celebrating its achievement so far, taking Samsung out of the way to top the world’s smartphone company.

Although not knowing to Hauwei that the US sanctions were tougher to have a more lasting impact than the second-quarter sales. Coronavirus out outbreak and world recovery from lockdown mostly impacted its stellar growth in China.

Huawei’s Consumer Boss Richard Yu laid the confirmation by updating its users with the latest flagship news, the Mate 40 would be launched pretty soon. Let’s see what is in the bag!

Huawei p40

The Mate 40 is most likely to carry the last flagship of Huawei’s most brilliant Kirin chips, with the latest Kirin 9000. Richard Yu concur with this at the 2020 summit at the China ICT Conference on August 7. The company’s high-end chips are fast running out.

The new restrictions in the United States will take effect on September 15, and it is now a week in the US-China calendar. Only a few days after Huawei’s restrictions took effect, TikTok and WeChat’s new bans were no major problems. There was no change in ownership or changes in the hearts of the United States. However, for Huawei, no reversal is possible. Huawei’s purchase of silicon and the work of replacing its custom chips with ready-made alternatives may limit the availability of Mate 40, which is another reason why users may snap up the device. Almost all of the sales are likely to be in China, and there is a high probability of meeting local demand to keep its domestic competitors.

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So, should you buy it? Yes. Considering that this is the last product of its kind, Huawei users (with the ability) should switch to this new flagship device. Of course, it should be noted that Mate 40 will not run Google software and services, so for those who insist on using Huawei Mate 40, you may choose to postpone it. The Kirin 9000 represents the culmination of billions of dollars in 5G and AI investment, with advanced NPU and GPU onboard, but once the inventory of these chips is exhausted, there will be no more available. For users who do purchase Mate 40, this may at least be a collector’s work. We do not yet know what to expect from Huawei next year.

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