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Kano court sentenced singer Yahaya Aminu Sharif to death for blasphemy



Aminu Yahaya

The High Court of Sharia law in the Hausawa residential area sentenced the 22-year-old singer Yahaya Aminu Sharif to death for blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad.

In Monday’s ruling, Aliyu Muhammad Kani of Khadi of the Shariah Court found Sharif guilty of a crime related to derogatory comments in one of his songs. Sharif, a resident of the Karif dormitory in Kano City, was accused of desecrating the prophet in a song broadcast via WhatsApp in March 2020. Sharif’s moves became widely known on March 4, 2020, when hundreds of angry young people stormed into the Kano Hisbah board headquarters to protest what they believed was a gratuitous attack on the Prophet Muhammad.

These young people accused the government and security agencies of being improperly protected and failed to take appropriate action against Sharif.

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