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Kashamu was a drug dealer who evaded justice – Kemi Olunloyo



Kashamu’s death has dug a lot of the unknown to Nigerians.

Investigative Journalist Dr.  Kemi Olunloyo. Has aired her information about the Late Kashamu on her twitter page.

She said,

BURUJI KASHAMU: Every day for the thief, one day for the owner. When I heard he died, I said to myself that Obasanjo is going to have a field day. Unaware that OBJ had already written a condolence letter. It is what it is. Kashamu was a drug dealer who evaded justice.

I was one of the many US-based journalists that covered this case from 2003-2009. Nigerian MSM especially daily trust did not tell you the truth. He was NEVER acquitted of any crime in the US. Only for the $230K drug money, he was carrying into the UK. Kashamu was the kingpin of the ring.

This is why Obasanjo’s letter spelled it out that he could not escape the undertaker. I won’t be surprised if the CIA took him out. How did he catch coronavirus? Focus on the bigger picture. A virus being planted on people all over the place, something Sowore feared and told us.

The fact that Buruji Kashamu fought extradition so many times to face drug charges made him look guilty. He ran a drug ring, but many Americans in prison, who did time, wrote a book which became a TV series “Orange is the new black” He won the UK acquittal due to NDLEA error”

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