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Regina Daniels, you have sinned for dressing your Baby like Jesus- Snow Gloria



Munir Regina Daniels baby

The OUR CIRCLE 7th episode titled baby reveal has made a big shot on social media as Regina Daniels baby’s face was finally revealed.

in the video she posted online, the son was wearing a Manger, just like Jesus Christ was costumed. This has made people on the media wonder if Baby Munir is the second Jesus or the Jesus coming. This made some people feel so bitter about this whole idea.

Munir Regina Daniels baby

Snow Enike Gloria Enamino, was very angered as the came out to say that the actress Regina Daniels has sinned against the Lord Jesus Christ for such a costume worn on the baby looking exactly just like Jesus Christ. According to her, she said she wondered if her Husband Ned Kwoko was a Christian, which he ought to have known that its a sin to dress the baby like the Lord.

she said
“You have sinned against our Lord Jesus for dressing your baby like Jesus Christ, is your Husband a Christian?”

Regina daniels sin



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