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Exclusive: Oshiomhole is not our Godfather



The Peoples Democratic Party’s candidate Governor Obaseki with his Rival of All Progressive Peoples Congress, Pastor Ize-Iyamu has drawn the line of their relationship with the former APC chairman, Adams Oshiomole.

In an Exclusive Interview with Tropics Nigeria, the two opposition party candidates for the upcoming election 2020 in Edo state, spoke about the issue of godfatherism in the Edo Politics and other factors influencing the election.

Governor Obasike talks about the cause of the beef he has with him and Oshiomole. He said didn’t take him as a godfather but Oshiomole was trying to be a Godfather to him.


“I don’t see him as godfather, he help me I help him ever before he became the Governor of Edo state, I campaigned for him, fund his campaign and made him succeed as a governor. That relationship is not a godfatherism” he said.

Obaseki speaks about decamping from APC to PDP that he was chased out from the party and he felt so bad about it.

They said I did not qualify after 4years. I was qualified the first time but now they said I’m not qualified, I noticed APC was becoming something else, they don’t obey their leadership constitution, court order, and above all as if they are the government. Since the said I was not qualified I decamped to PDP that sees that I was qualified and gave me the opportunity to join them.” he said.

Moreso, the APC governorship candidate in Edo state election also talked about the godfatherism issue in Edo state politics and Oshiomole. Ize-Iyamu said that “nobody can be my godfather” that his relationship with Oshiomole was only on a friendship basis.

“How can Oshiomole be my Godfather? if you ask Oshiomole the same question he would deny the statement. When Oshiomole wanter to contest for the Governorship election, he heard that I wanted to contest too, he came to beg me, but I agreed,  where he came from in Edo North, they haven’t gotten any Governorship candidate before. I supported him as at that time.” he said.

The reason Ize Iyamu decamped from PDP to APC he said was that he sees the party as being more progressive.

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