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The causes of divorce in marriages



The rate of divorce all over the globe is alarming. Couple have found solace in divorce when they see their marriage can’t work out anymore or if the love or trust isn’t there anymore. Divorce in marriages have causes from different angles and parameters, some are: unfaithfulness, lack of communication and understanding, refusing to forgive faults, impatient, anger issues, lack of respect, lack of contentment, lack of trust, not taking care of one’s responsibility, etc.

Unfaithfulness is one of the major causes of divorce in marriages. Some spouse are not satisfied with their sex life. When the one’s spouse is not active in bed the way the other want, most especially if the husband is suffering from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Another scenario that leads to unfaithfulness is when a spouse denies his or her spouse sex which result to the hateful act of cheating. When the cheating partner is caught it leads to lack of trust, and when there’s no trust anymore it leads to divorce.

Anger issues is also one of the lead causes of divorce in marriages, especially when one of the couple or both easily gets angry over petty things. Anger in a relationship results from lack of patience and when in that mood, what shouldn’t be said is said or what shouldn’t be done is done which at the end of the day could be catastrophic or lead to divorce.

There is no doubt that refusing to overlook or forgive the shortcomings of your spouse can also result to divorce in marriages. When couples keep grudges and they don’t forgive their fault, this will act as a catalyst to anger and most times result to dispute. This sort of attitude makes the love you have for your spouse to gradually fade away and will always bring the thoughts of divorce in the mind.

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Lack of communication and understanding is another issue that breaks up marriages. Communication is a very vital phenomenon in our daily life which helps us carry our day-to-day activities, and when there’s no communication in a marriage, doubts tend to creep in. When that happens, problems start to arise and divorce starts to be an option. Lack of understanding stems from the inability to know how your spouse feels on certain decisions or issues.

Lack of respect is also one of the causes of divorce in marriages. When one of the spouse (most especially the wife) don’t respect the other or both husband and wife don’t have respect for each other. This results in quarrels and fight. It should be understood that respect comes from accepting the position of your husband or wife. So in a family, the husband has his own role to play as the head of the family and should be respected as the provider while the wife should also be respect for the role she plays as a wife and mother.

Lack of contentment is another case that leads to divorce. This happens when one of the spouse (especially the wife) is not satisfied with what they have or the material things they possess. This happens when the wife crave for things that other people have which in reality might be beyond the capacity of what the husband can provide. It is wrong for a wife to demand from her husband things he will not be able to afford. She should not compare her husband’s financial status to other men who are in a better financial standing, as all hands are not equal.

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Not taking care of one’s responsibility is another big thing that brings up divorce in marriages. This is a scenario where the responsibility that is vested on the husband or wife is not duly performed. It’s either the husband is not taking care of the family by not doing their material needs according to his capacity such as feeding, house rent, school fees for the children, clothing for the family, medical bills, etc, or the wife is not taking care of her responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning the house, taking care of the children, helping the husband with little financial support if the wife is working or doing business (it’s not a must for the wife to do so but if she does it it’s not bad, it’s better than her lavishing her money on other things).

There’s no doubt that divorce in marriages comes up with a lot of countless reasons, but the few mentioned above is among the major causes of divorce in Marriages.

CREDIT: This article was written by Lawal Abdulhameed

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