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Nigerian students condemn ASUU after the president of the union has calls for Students cooperation



After the union’s agreed to continue its strike operations, Nigerian students hit the ASUU and requested Nigerian students to join them.

The University Staff Union (ASUU) said that it would proceed until all its requests have been addressed by the federal government. The strike would proceed.

The Union then tweeted on its twitter page and urged the students to support them. saying that their requests are for the good of the students.

The tweeting read, “ASUU President For Their Company Asks Nigerian Students”

“Students who are our children and partners in progress should show understanding, what we ask of the government is in their interests and in the interests of the nation, good hostel accommodation, good classroom blocks that can lead to effective learning, laboratories where cutting-edge research can be carried out and offices that can drive the process of quality university education.”

“So whatever we are asking of the government is not baseless, but the things that the government did in 2012 during a needs assessment survey and found that there are widespread rot and decay in the university system.”

Students Reaction


While students await the next moves from the government with ASUU, they hope to go back to school irrespective of the demands of Asuu. From some tweets from the students, it is reasonable to say that the students are not happy staying at home.

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