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My Covid19 experience



The global health crises hit the world by surprise with its devastating effect on social, economic and political sphere, where not seeing friends and family becomes an act of kindness and love, hugs and kisses sadly becomes a weapon of war not a way of expressing love, personal hygiene becomes our daily routine as it is the the only way out of the situation. The pandemic makes humanity to realise that wealth and power are nothing but worldly achievement and not worth fighting for. Daily bread was never a priority, survival became pertinent. The popular saying that health is wealth we largely affirmed by this strange visitor that has come to shape the world.

Nigeria wasn’t an exception in the heat of the virus we also have our own burden to carry

Nigeria started feeling the wave of the pandemic in March, 2020. The effect was devastating, but the government took drastic measures to address the situations.

Nigeria with it’s own peculiarities, it is an avenue for some people to amass public resources. The country adhere to health measures given by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and World Health Organization to address the hydra headed virus, the lockdown measures, include; restrictions on movement, closure of schools, market, worship centres and public gathering.

The pandemic did not just disrupt world and national plans it also disrupt individual plans and commitment.

There is a popular saying that for every disappointment there is a potential opportunity lying fallow. With the negative impact the virus to the world, some people see it as a door opener to certain opportunity, and to discover certain hidden talent in them.

Here are some collect personal COVID-19 experiences from individuals;

Sani Anuhi Covid19 experience
Traveling to collect my national youth service certificate during the lockdown is one stressful journey I won’t even pray for my journey to embark on, there was unnecessary delay due to check point and travel restriction. It was so disheartening to see how our military and paramilitary are extorting the drivers and passengers, the military and paramilitary personnel are so corrupt this just affirm that not just politicians are corrupt.

Miss Jerusha
The hope and aspirations to graduate from law school was second to non but that dream was short-lived as we were asked to evacuate from school due to covid19, but it also give me opportunity to start my own business which is something I have always craved for. I have been financially independent as I don’t need to always ask for money from parent and elderly ones.
Covid19 time to relax from school stress but I really want to go back to school I have had enough rest.

The pandemic also gave me the opportunity to have time for my children, before the pandemic I had no time for the kids because of my daily struggle to put food on the table.

You can share your covid19 experience in the comment section below.

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