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Nigeria Ministry of Education Latest Guidelines for School Reopening



The Minister of State for Education, Hon. Emeka Nwajiuba said the government has not given any date yet for reopening of Universities yet. Nwajiuba said this during a Presidential task force for covid19.

Recently, some students protested in the ministry of education in Abuja. They called on the government to reopen school or face their anger, but the minister for the covid19 briefing said there are high hopes that schools would resume very soon, but the date is yet to be announced.

What is the Latest?

Nwajiuba said they are reviewing the response from about 78 universities, and most of them are private universities and they said they are ready to reopen.

For state-owned universities, he explained that only 50% are ready to reopen. The Ministry trying its best to make sure that every school is on the same page ahead of the school reopening.

The minister also said that the COVID-19 is still out there are most the University has not established the necessary protective protocols

Before now, the federal government had released the guidelines to follow for school reopening in Nigeria.

School had been shut down since March because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The latest guidelines the Federal Ministry of Education, as the Nigerian government had released date for resumption of an international flight, open churches and mosque across the country as lockdown restrictions continue to ease down

Guidelines for schools After Reopening

  • Training of teachers and other personnel on safety and hygiene measures.
  • Must establish Covid-19 referral system
  • To make sure ambulance are available and have access to testing/isolation/ treatment centres including NCDC helpline and state government facilities.
  • Make sure there are water, sensitization and Hygiene (WASH0 inside the school premises)
  • Must reduce the number of people in the classroom, hostels worship centres and other open spaces.
  • Encourage people to use open space for gathering and promote outdoor activities
  • Must establish a committee that would monitor and enforce the Covid-19 guidelines.

Guidelines for schools Before Reopening

  • The guidelines must have a different learning option for a specific learning program to ensure fair learning
  • Must review the policy, practices, and the danger to use schools for other purposes like distance learning centers, temporary shelters, isolation, quarantine and treatment centers, markets, voting centers, and others
  • Must develop and display simple protocols that schools would use to operate every day
  • Must check properly for anything that can cause the increase and risk of transmission and suggest ways of addressing them.
  • The safety and hygiene for all stages and phases of the school reopening process will promote behavior that would reduce the spread like school movement ( to and from school traveling) safe distance, frequent hand washing and the use of facemasks

Incase schools cannot fulfill these guidelines, they can stay at home and establish online learning. This also has its guidelines.

Stay at home and online learning

  • They must enroll in online learning that would not only prepare teachers to teach in a way that will safeguard the health, safety, and security of learners but also help them to learn with 21st-century based technology.
  • They must give learners access to their online resource materials, online learning platforms, radio, or tv programs
  • Children and young people are supposed to stay at home and wash their hands regularly, maintain personal hygiene, and follow the NCDC/WHOCOVID-19 guidelines.

To make sure schools comply with these guidelines, government authorities would carry out periodic Joint Risk Assessment, to check schools from time to time to ensure that the guidelines are followed.

You can download copies of COVID 19 guidelines for the safe reopening of schools & learning facilities from the Nigeria Federal Ministry of Education website.

The Guidelines for Schools and Learning Facilities Reopening after COVID-19 Pandemic Closures is a strategy document developed to provide the necessary support to stakeholders for the safe reopening of schools and resumption of academic activities. The development of the guidelines involved a series of meetings, consultations, and deliberations with relevant groups, associations, and stakeholders on key areas of concern as we plan to reopen schools and the best response strategies. Efforts were made to ensure that all inputs and suggestions from our development partners, donors, civil society organizations, professional bodies are adequately reflected to address critical issues of health, safety, and quality education provision as schools get ready to reopen.

In each of these action areas, specific actions and responsibilities for various stakeholders have been identified. this covers a wide range of areas including policy, financing, safe operations, learning, reaching, he most marginalized, well-being/prevention, build back better, safety and hygiene-infection, prevention, and control measures. This wide coverage makes the guidelines unique and unambiguous for immediate implementation.

To realize the objectives of the guidelines, it is important that states and other stakeholders build capacity in emergency education delivery and management.

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