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Auto Crash: Helicopter Crash Along Opebi Road in Lagos leaving two persons dead

A helicopter with three persons aboard belonging to the Quarium Aviation crash-landed at 16 Salvation Road, Opebi around 12:20 pm, killing two of the occupants on the spot. Emergency workers confirmed two persons, including the pilot, died in the crash.



Helicopter Crash At Opebi

A Quorum Aviation operated helicopter crashed in Lagos State’s Opebi district, Tropics Nigeria heard.

It was reported that around 12 noon the copter fell from the sky and crashed into a residential house on Salvation Road in the Opebi area.

The Lagos State Emergency Management Agency’s Public Relations Officer Nosa Okunbor confirmed the incident in a conversation with our correspondent over the phone.

“Yeah, it did. The helicopter had crashed about 12 pm in Opebi. LASTMAN operatives are currently on our way to the site of the accident. I’m going to send you more updates,’ he said.

Helicopter Crash At Opebichopper crash at opebi road

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