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President Buhari backs ECOWAS 12 month transition process back to civilian rule in Mali



President Buhari gave his support to the declaration by the Economic Community of West Africa (ECOWAS), demanding a 12 month transition period back to democratic rule in Mali.

President Buhari who today attended the ECOWAS Heads of State and Government virtual meeting, urged the military Junta to give an acceptable time table for a return to civilian government.

In his statement after the ECOWAS meeting he said, “At our ECOWAS leaders meeting today, I put forward the following recommendations for the military leadership in Mali:
“The immediate release of all the remaining senior Government officials in detention, without pre-conditions.

“A transition process, to be completed in not more than 12 months, and which shall include the representatives of Malian stakeholders.

“The government needs to do these in order to enjoy the cooperation and collaboration of regional and international community, and to allow the easing of sanctions imposed on Mali.

“Nigeria will, alongside ECOWAS, provide the necessary logistics support to facilitate the conduct of elections to re-establish democratic governance in Mali.

“I would like to thank once again, the ECOWAS Mediator in Mali, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, as well as my colleagues in the sub-region, who have continued to demonstrate sincere commitment to the resolution of this crisis. Nigeria stands in full solidarity with the people of Mali.

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