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American politicians fear Russian interference in the upcoming U.S presidential election

Schiff was quick to point out that “as usual, Trump lied and as he does not want Americans to know about Russia’s efforts to help his re-election.”



U.S. intelligence agencies have stopped briefing Congress on the security of the country’s election, prompting a backlash from members of the opposition Democrats.

U.S. intelligence officials have said they will not comment to Congress on the threat posed by next November’s presidential election. Which, led to the appearance of some personal security data, and politicized the data.

Officials in the Office of the Director General of the National Intelligence Agency on Saturday informed some senior members of congress and congressional committees that information would be provided on any threat regarding the upcoming November presidential election.

“We are committed to carrying out our duties in accordance with the law, and we will make sure to inform Congress in due course.”

An intelligence official said “For the sake of quality and protection of sensitive personal information from falling into the wrong hands, we will do so by providing complete personal information in writing,” he said. What worries us the most is disclosing sensitive information to the wrong people as a result of past disclosure of information. ”

Lawmakers were also sent a letter containing more information on the new changes on Saturday, from the Director of Intelligence, John Ratcliffe.

John Ratcliffe, Director of US Intelligence Agency

However, Ratcliffe’s letter did not specify a specific example of what he called the leaks, or how they were politicized as a result of the previous system of informing the legislature face-to-face.

President Donald Trump on Saturday, however, made unsubstantiated allegations against the House Committee on Security and Intelligence and the chairman of the committee, Adam Schiff.

On his Twitter account, Trump wrote that “perhaps Schiff, and others, are leaking classified information to make false, haunting stories such as Russia, Russia, Russia. This is for their benefit. ”

Schiff was quick to point out that “as usual, Trump lied and as he does not want Americans to know about Russia’s efforts to help his re-election.”

The change, which comes two months before the election, has sparked an immediate backlash from senior Democrats, who have accused the intelligence service of violating the rights it hangs around the neck of lawmakers and the whole community.

Senator Chuck Schumer, meanwhile, has blamed Trump and his administration accusing them of trying to cover up his efforts to benefit from foreign interference.

In a statement, Schumer said, “Russia’s foreign intelligence service has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating” Similar, baseless allegations concerning Russia’s intelligence have been made more than once. President Trump is only using John Ratcliffe to hide the truth from the American people – that is, this time the president is getting Kremlin support. ”

However, Republican Senator, Marco Ruio, the Senate’s deputy chairman on security and intelligence, said Democrats’ response to such allegations were “outrageous.”

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