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Kaduna State Government talks about Dadiyata, Odinkalu, Maikori and other persecutions

“In the same statement, the government also explained its decision to prosecute some Nigerians and government critics whom it accuses of inciting violence and disturbance in the state. Some of those being prosecuted by the state include music producer..”



Governor El Rufai talks about Dadiyata, Odinkalu, Maikori and other persecutions

The Kaduna State Ministry of Justice has denied allegations of human rights violations made by some members of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) against Governor Nasir El-Rufai.

Tropics Nigeria, reports that the governor was unable to attend the association’s annual conference, which was held practically from August 24 to 26.

His invitation to speak at the conference was withdrawn after an outcry from some lawyers who said the governor was against what the profession stands for.

However, the justice ministry, in a detailed statement received by Tropics Reporter on Monday, said the petition was unfounded and added that Mr. El-Rufai was taking his complaints to court as he was waiting there.

He also denied the alleged kidnapping of Abubakar Usman, also known as Dadiyata, and added that El-Rufai is taking his complaints to court as he expected.

Regarding his complaint against the former chairman of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), the ministry said the complaint was unfounded: “Odinkalu has cases pending before the Supreme Court of justice, the Supreme Court and the Federal Supreme Court in Kaduna. The fact is that on February 16, 2019, he brought serious charges against the governor of Kaduna state on television channels, which were likely to result in disturbances and the collapse of public order in the state.

“The pending case before the Federal Court of Justice in Kaduna has been postponed until October 22, 2020, for judgment. Meanwhile, the pending cases before Supreme Court No.12 and Federal Supreme Court, Kaduna, have crippled l ‘police investigation,’ he added.

Regarding his case against lawyers Audu Maikori and Luka Binniyat, he said that Kaduna had blocked the police investigation: “The two cases were heard in the State High Court of Kaduna 2 on charges No. KDH / KAD / 41C / 2017 and n ° KDH / KAD / 38C / 2017. In early 2017, Audu Maikori said in a tweet that five students of the Pedagogical College, Gidan-Waya, had been attacked and killed by Fulani shepherds. a fake tweet from Maikori, Luka Binniyat fabricated a report in the Vanguard newspaper in which he attributed the names of the alleged victims, their place of origin, and their course of study, including the claim that one of them they had studied mass communication.

“Mr. Maikori did not appear in court to face the charges against him and the court issued an arrest warrant for him.

“The damages awarded to Audu Maikori by a federal court for the circumstances of his arrest in Lagos by the police who executed the arrest warrant were very substantial. The Kaduna State government followed the law to obtain the necessary arrest warrant but must rely on the police for the proper execution of the warrant. The state government has appealed against the award of damages.

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