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Akinwumi Adesina take Oath of office for second term

Adesina added that the bank’s high-five programmes have reached 335 million people across Africa.



Dr. Akinwumi Adesina was sworn in as president of the African Development Bank (AfDB) on Tuesday for a second five-year term.

In a passionate speech, the AfDB president revealed his vision for the next five years.

In his speech at the swearing-in ceremony, Adesina said more than ever that he would expand partnerships during his second term, which includes “financial partnerships, knowledge partnerships and investment partnerships”.

“We will push Africa’s growth further, deeper and faster to build a stronger and more resilient Africa.

“Let’s move forward, driven by the power of our mission and encouraged by the strength of our sense of belonging Together we can do more, we can become more resilient, we can build a better bank. Together we will win for Africa,” he said.

Adesina added that the bank’s high-five programmes have reached 335 million people across Africa.

“This is what the African Development Bank, your bank, is doing. People are making an impact… We have expanded our presence to 44 countries, including in fragile states. Our people are risking their lives to achieve something,” he said.

The five main programmes that the bank has implemented over the past five years are Access to electricity, access to improved agricultural technologies, access to private investment finance, access to improved transport infrastructure and access to water and sanitation.

The President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, said at the virtual swearing-in ceremony: “Dr. Adesina has led the Bank with integrity and determination over the past five years. The next five years promise to be even more remarkable. I want you to know that you have our full support”.

Liberian President George Weah also said that Adesina’s re-election meant that Africa and the world had confidence in his leadership.

“Your re-election is a sign to Africa and the world that you have confidence in your leadership. Liberia looks forward to the continuation of the partnership under your leadership. My congratulations, brother, and good luck,” he said.

The President of Guinea-Bissau, Umaro Sissoco Embaló, said that “an election with 100 percent of the vote is something that could serve as a roadmap for you to move your mission forward. I would like to congratulate you, your family and the African Development Bank team”.

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