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The exposure of Nigeria’s health sector to COVID-19

Most of our hospitals are in a deplorable state and in dire need of major overhaul.
The Nigerian government ought to be doing better regarding our health care sector.



The generational saying ‘health is wealth’ has indeed come home to roost. For centuries to come, a province named WUHAN with an estimated urban population of 7.9 million people situated in central China will be remembered, not for its famous meat vendor, but for the hysteria and irreplaceable loss it caused humanity.

Covid19 has claimed the lives of well over 800,000 thousand people around the world with more than 23 million active cases.

Connoisseur in various nations aided by their respective government, have been working tirelessly in an attempt to create an antidote that will help eradicate this plague, a plague that has threatened to cripple the economy of colossus like USA, and, other super powers like England, Germany, and France just to 0name a few.

Without a doubt this plague has ravaged countries and humanity at large, but as a Nigerian, when looking at it from another angle, it has also helped to lay bare the agonizing ineptness of our government, and will further serve as a stick with which critics will use to beat them.

For year 2020, a total of N44.5 billion was allocated to health, this represented just about 8% of statutory transfers of which the national assembly received the biggest share of 22.5% (N125 billion) and the judiciary received N110 billion (about 20%) of the statutory transfers.

It is also worthy to note that the allocation for 2020 was lower than allocated sum of N51.22 billion for 2019.

A poor allocation to health is an indication of how the government prioritizes the health of its people.

The highest priority set for health budget according to the “Abuja declaration” is just 15%, this clearly shows that the health sector is been underfunded and is not taken seriously by the Nigerian government.

Citizens of certain class who preferred flying out to seek medical attention can’t anymore due to flight restrictions, without any alternatives, they are made to enjoy the privileges that was exclusively meant for the peasants, this pandemic has clearly shown us the task at hand.

Most of our hospitals are in a deplorable state and in dire need of major overhaul.
The Nigerian government ought to be doing better regarding our health care sector.

This pandemic will definitely serve as an important learning curve for the future, because, if something similar like this happens in years to come we might not be second time lucky.

A healthy nation is a wealthy nation. Only a nation with a healthy workforce will have optimum productivity.

Credit: Abdulhameed Gambo

Sylvester Oputa is an inspirational/motivational speaker. A graduate of Kenule Beeson Saro-Wiwa Polytechnic Bori (Former Rivers State Polytechnic) where He studied Computer Science. Sylvester Oputa has passion in what ever he is doing especially when it comes to academics which his passion led him to specialize on Software Development (Programming) he is commonly known as 'dCRAZYprogrammer' because of his tactical way of solving problem this has distinguished him from others. Sylvester Oputa is a good leader and he have served in various capacities in school and other organizations. And with God he is achieving more. Sylvester Oputa is hail from Idu-Osobile Community in ONELGA Rivers State.

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